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Rehoboth Ale House FAQ


Do you take reservations?
Unfortunately, we are not taking reservations at this time. We only take walk-ins. Since this is first come, first serve, and tables may be full when you arrive, we’d be happy to put you on a short waitlist, and text you when your table is ready. We hope to see you soon. Cheers!

Can I order to-go?
Give us a call Downtown at 302-278-7433 or On the Mile at 302-567-2921 to place a to-go order. Please be advised, takeout is at the discretion at the kitchen. If we are busy, we will not be able to offer to-go food.

Can I order the Drunken Mussels to-go?
No, you cannot order Drunken Mussels to-go. We don’t want you to spill them or risk the broth leaking out of the to-go container. We’d be happy to serve them to you while dining in. This goes for both locations.

How do I book for entertainment?
You can book for entertainment by sending an email to Please include your rates for a 3-hour show, images for branding, logos (if any), links to music, links to social media platforms and/or website, as well as your availability. Please note that we are completely booked through the summer of 2021.

How do I book an event held at your location?
Since opening, we have been met with many requests for private events held at Rehoboth Ale House Downtown and On the Mile. We are honored that those in our community want to choose us to host a gathering. For the time being, we are not booking private events, with the exception of a few here and there when we are able, especially when they benefit the community!

Are you hiring?
We are always open to viewing resumes and applications as they are received. If you are interested in employment at Rehoboth Ale House, please send an email to In the subject line, let us know which location you are applying to and desired position. In addition, attach your resume, and after review, we may send you an application or ask you to swing by!

What are your current COVID-19 and Mask Requirement policies?
We’re so glad you asked! Rehoboth Ale House employees will be wearing masks for the foreseeable future. Signs are posted at both RAH locations, asking that masks be worn in accordance with CDC guidelines. If you choose to wear a mask, great. If you choose not to wear a mask AND are vaccinated, also great. We ask that those who step through our doors be respectful of others’ choices, and make the right decision for themselves.

We would like to reiterate, that although masks are optional for those who are vaccinated, Rehoboth Ale House Downtown and On the Mile will be following CDC guidelines. While we will not have capacity restrictions, we will be maintaining at least 3 feet between each table. This may lead to longer wait times than usual. To quote directly from the Delaware Restaurant Association, “Please note that your local restaurants have the legal right to create policies that are tailored to the needs of their employees and patrons which may vary across businesses.”

We’d like to thank everyone who has come through our doors, particularly in the past year, for bearing with us. We sincerely appreciate your support.

What are your current COVID-19 and Mask Requirement policies?
We’re so glad you asked! Rehoboth Ale House does not require patrons who are vaccinated to wear masks. Masks are also not required for vaccinated employees. Rehoboth Ale House Downtown and On the Mile are committed to the safety of everyone who walks through our door, so our cleaning and sanitizing policies will not change.

Why don’t you have all of the food/beer menu items that you normally do?
Currently in the United States, we are facing widespread food shortages. We are doing the best that we can to keep everything on our menu in-stock, however sometimes it simply isn’t possible. We are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience.

Why were some of food prices increased?
As mentioned above, we are facing a nationwide food shortage. This is due to labor shortages, drastic changes in the weather, and the ongoing effects of COVID-19. The items that we do manage to keep in stock were bought at a higher price, so we have been forced to increase our prices accordingly. This hopefully will not be a permanent change. Thank you for your patience during this time!

Why do you close on random days here and there?
Coming out of a pandemic isn’t easy. Our employees have been through so much in the past year, and we want them to be able to take a break when they are able. However due to increasing labor shortages, we simply do not have the staff to be able to give everyone a day off every week. Additionally, with food/alcohol shortages, we don’t always have the stock to prepare and make everyone happy. Therefore, we decided that for the next few weeks, we may close each location once a week to give our staff a moment to catch up. We believe that mental health matters here at Rehoboth Ale House, and we want everyone to know that when they are employed by us, we have their back 100% of the time.

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